Epson Popular print heads analysis

Market mainstream EPSON head comparison table

As we all know, Epson heads as a popular head brand in the inkjet digital printing area, with its unique micro piezo printing technology, leading the area. The microprinting technology with the advantage of high printing solution, good durability, environmental, efficient-cost, etc, with this advantage, Epson can design heads with high-quality printing and high production printing. Now, let’s talk about some Epson popular heads.

EPSON F1440 (DX5)

This is a classic good print head, with a price of USD 860-1000 per piece, head life is about 2-3 years. And this is a head with a long history, which release in about the year 2000 also.

EPSON F1440 (DX5) is the most popular head in the Epson brand, it can perfectly use ink types such as water-based dye ink, sublimation ink, eco-solvent ink, and UV ink. And the market support system for the heads is perfect and mature. Almost all printer brands have their printer model with Epson DX5 heads.

Compare EPSON print heads
Market mainstream EPSON print head comparison table

EPSON F1080 (XP600)

It is an economical head designed as a water-based head, head life is about 6-18 months, with a price of USD 150- 250 per piece. Printer brands like it because they plan to make a simple printer and sell it in big quantities.

XP600 which was released in about the year 2018, is a head with 6 channels, the color saturation of xp600 will be worse than DX5 and i3200. But with its very cheap price and moderate stability, it is widely accepted by the market. It is mostly used on small level eco-solvent ink printers, roll UV printers with 1.6-1.8 width, and flatbed UV printers with 6040 or 9060 sizes.

EPSON I3200 (4720)

Epson i3200 is designed as a water-based head, which was released in about the year 2018 also, the price ranges from USD 240- 300. Same as XP600, printer brands like it while they plan to make a simple printer and sell in big quantity.

I3200 head uses thin-film piezoelectric (TFP) technology, head life may be similar to the DX5 head. The advantage of i3200 is: that with more nozzles 3200, higher resolution 600 DPI, and jet frequency, which are all higher than DX5 and xp600, then it acts better in color saturation, printing speed, and printing precision, and the price is cheap. It is popular in sublimation ink textile printing.

EPSON FA06090 (Said as TFP head)

Epson TFP head release in about the year 2016, use thin-film piezoelectric (TFP) technology, the price at USD 1800-2000. This head is only used on Epson brand wide-format printers, such as Epson SureColor S 30680 /40680 /60680 /80680, etc. 

Epson TFP head with Epson company’s high standard output, it acts brilliant at printing precision, color expression, color saturation, it’s much better than above listed heads. The customer with the high standard requirements will choose this head.

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Epson 4720 update to i3200-a1 manual

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Article time: Mar 2021

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