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Sublimation printing and DTF, DTG: ITCPE 2022

For sublimation printing, as our information from the market, Epson i3200-a1, 2-3-4-6 heads sublimation printers are old model to market, and 8 heads ones are hot selling in the y ...
Our DTF inks process has reached the maturity stage after many tests

What is DTF ink printing?

(One). What is a DTF ink? DTF heat transfer pigment ink working process: 1. Prepare a printing film. Make sure the printing side u ...
DTF UV inks printing

What is the DTF UV ink printing?

DTF UV printing is for hard substrates, like gift pictures. DTF UV Printing Product Show (One). What is DTF UV ink? There are 2 ...
Machines and Materials needed for DTF Ink Printing

How to evaluate a DTF ink?

(One). What is a DTF ink? Is it a normal pigment ink? Product introduction of DTF ink DTF (direct to film) printing ink is a kind of special pigment ink. If you use normal p ...