FAQ-Tips for ink trading management.

When you use an ink (any type of ink) to print on a substrate for an application, please make sure it will work well before you put it into large-scale use. To avoid wasting and possibly compensate.

It does not mean that when you get a nice picture on the substrate, then it will work. Besides this, you have to test the following:

1). Is the adhesion good enough between ink and substrate?
2). Is the color bright and wide gamut enough?
3). Is it environmentally friendly enough for your application?
4). Is the light fastness, scratch resistance, and water resistance enough good?
5). Is the ink drying speed fast enough for your process?

If yes, then start large-scale production. If not sure, test to make sure. Or at least inquire SUPERINKS team to get their professional idea about it.

Test the mainstream ink samples in the market.

Why do I have this suggestion?

I have a story. One customer, use normal low-temperature sublimation ink print on the outdoor umbrella, and the color faded within 3 months’ time. But meanwhile, he already spread the umbrella to the whole city. His customer complained about it and request compensate. We don’t wish to see that.

We know that the low-temperature sublimation ink is water-based dye sublimation ink, and the color resistance is grade 3-4, it’s not good for outdoor printing.

Corporate philosophy
Corporate philosophy

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