UV printer ink for Konica 1024i 1024a UV printer

UV ink 1L

UV printer ink is compatible with printer brands:

  1. Flora, Handtop, Docan, JHF, EFI, Teckwin, Liyu,
  2. Gongzheng, Witcolor, Xenons, Allwin, Yaselan, Human, Flyjet, Grando, Bossron, Taimes, Titanjet, etc.

UV printer ink is compatible with heads:

  1. Konica 1024i,
  2. Konica 1024a,
  3. Seiko 12PL,
  4. Polaris 15PL/35PL,
  5. Starfire 1024 10/25PL.


  1. Low Odor Formulation,
  2. Long term exterior performance with proven resistance to the effects of UV degradation and color fade,
  3. High impact, high-intensity colors with extended color gamut,
  4. Consistent color density value,
  5. Good adhesion on a wide variety of substrates.

This UV printer ink has the following colors:

  1. Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow,
  2. Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Gloss, White,
  3. Clean liquid.

We have three types of UV printer ink for these heads:

  1. Soft ink,
  2. Hard ink,
  3. Middle ink.

Used on materials:

PVC flex, car sticker, wallpaper, oil painting canvas, glass-ceramic, acrylic, metal, wood, rigid PVC, etc.

Used on lamps:

  1. Mercury lamp,
  2. LED light lamp.

This UV ink cartridges applications:

Print on canvas for outdoor banners for roadside advertising, shop sign, shop promotion etc.

SUPERINKS UV ink cartridges manual:

  1. Storage temperature: 15-30℃;
  2. Expire time: 6 months after production for white ink, 12 months after production for other colors;
  3. Shake well to mix well before using;
  4. Avoid mixing with other inks and chemicals at any time;
  5. Use only with adequate ventilation conditions;
  6. Use only by professionals,
  7. Use the corresponding professional cleaning flush from us.

This UV ink cartridges printing condition:

  1. Printing temperature: 20-30℃, head temperature: 35-45℃. If beyond the temperature range, please use a heater or air conditioner.
  2. Humidity: 40-60 %.

Packages for UV ink:

  1. 5 KG pack,
  2. 1 KG pack,
  3. A customized package is available.

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SUPERINKS factory introduce video:


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