Eco solvent printer ink for Seiko α1024 508GS

Eco solvent printer ink suitable with which print heads?

  1. For Seiko 508 12PL, Alpha 1024 25PL, etc.
  2. For Starfire 1024 10PL-25PL, etc.
Eco solvent ink
Eco solvent ink for various types of printers

The eco solvent printer ink is suitable for printer brands as:

Gongzheng, Witcolor, Flora, etc.
FY-Union, Phaeton, Galaxy, Challenger, Infinity, Ico-tec, etc.

The Eco solvent printer ink’s Outdoor life:

There is two option for the customer.

  1. Outdoor durability 8-10 months,
  2. Outdoor durability 24 months.

The Eco solvent printer ink’s colors:

Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow,
light cyan, light magenta,
Clean liquid.

The eco solvent printer ink’s odor level:


SUPERINKS eco solvent printer ink has features:

  1. Fluent, extended print head lifetime;
  2. Always stable quality;
  3. One ink is compatible with different heads;
  4. Bright color;
  5. Wide gamut, excellent picture gradual change;
  6. Longer outdoor life;
  7. Less smell, more eco-friendly;
  8. Better raw material;
  9. Perfect match high-speed printing.

Applications of eco solvent printer ink:

Print on canvas for outdoor banners for roadside advertising, shop sign, shop promotion, etc.

SUPERINKS eco solvent printer ink’s printing condition:

  1. Temperature: 20-30℃ If beyond the temperature range, please use a heater or air conditioner.
  2. Humidity: 40-60%.

SUPERINKS eco solvent ink’s package:

  1. 5L bottle,
  2. If need customized packaging, we can discuss it.

Storage instructions:

  1. Store temperature: 15-30℃;
  2. Expire time: 12 months ( if stored at 18-25 ℃, maybe more than this time);
  3. After the seal film is opened, please make sure to keep the bottle covered to avoid dust and humidity to change the ink composition.


  1. Shake the ink well before putting it on the machine; It will be best if you can use it up within 1 week after opening;
  2. Before using our products for the first time, please empty the ink cartridges, ink circuits, and dampers. If possible, please clean the ink circuit system and replace it with a new damper;
  3. It’s very important to make an ICC profile to get brilliant colors, if need to make an ICC profile, contact us, and we will help.

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SUPERINKS factory introduce video:

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