Digital Corrugated Printing dye ink for Epson i3200

This digital corrugated printing ink is suitable for print heads:

  1. Epson i3200-a1 heads,
  2. Kyocera,
  3. If other heads, please inquiry us.

This digital corrugated printing ink is suitable for printer brands:

  1. Hanglory, Wonder, Sunthinks, etc.
  2. Allwin, Yaselan, Liyu, Human, Flyjet, Grando, Bossron, Taimes, JHF, EFI, Teckwin, GZ, Wit-color, etc.
  3. Galaxy, FY-Union, Phaeton, Challenger, Infinity, Ico-tec, etc.
  4. Xuli, Skycolor, Xenons, Titanjet, Flora, etc.

SUPERINKS digital corrugated printing ink’s physical and chemical indicators:

  1. Viscosity: 4-6 mPa.s
  2. Surface tension: 26-38 mN / m
  3. Flashpoint: Above 100℃

SUPERINKS digital corrugated printing dye ink has features:

  1. Ionic dissolving craft, avoid blocking the print heads.
  2. Super-high concentration, brilliant, and saturated colors.
  3. No ink flying, the picture is sharp and colors do not penetrate each other.
  4. Economical and low cost.
  5. Environmentally friendly formula.
  6. easy to absorb.
  7. Supports quick printing, it is desirable immediately.

SUPERINKS corrugated carton digital printing ink meet applications:

corrugated poster, cardboard, etc.

SUPERINKS corrugated board printing ink’s printing condition:

  1. Temperature: 20-30℃.
  2. If beyond the temperature range, please use a heater or air conditioner.
  3. Humidity: 40-60%.

SUPERINKS corrugated board printing ink package:

  1. Drum/Bottle pack in 25 KG,
  2. Drum/Bottle pack in 20 KG,
  3. Drum/Bottle pack in 5 KG,
  4. A customized package is available.

SUPERINKS corrugated board printing ink storage instructions:

  1. Store temperature: 15-30℃,
  2. Expire time: 12 months ( if stored at 18-25 ℃, maybe more than this time),
  3. After the seal film is opened, please make sure to keep the bottle covered to avoid dust and humidity to change the ink composition.

Transport and storage conditions:

  1. Avoid direct light; after opening the seal of the package, please avoid dust and other sundries going into the ink,
  2. The goods are identified as Non-dangerous goods in accordance with IMO, RID/ADR, IMDG, ICAO, IATA.
  3. MSDS available

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SUPERINKS factory introduces video:

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