About Epson T3200 and Ricoh G6, we look at the advantages and disadvantages objectively.

Epson T3200 and Ricoh G6 have started fierce competition in the market, but how do we look at the advantages and disadvantages objectively.

  1. Epson T3200 supports 4 colors, 2 colors, can be spliced, 4.8-5PL. Compared with Rioch G6, it can be configured with fewer printheads under the condition of colors and white high-speed printing.
  2. Epson T3200 price is good, the price is about RMB 13000 (USD 1890 ), currently there are only about 7-10 printer factories (Flora, Docan, GZ, JHF, Liyu, Kingt, etc) authorized by Epson T3200.
  3. Epson T3200’s jetting power is not as strong as Ricoh G5/6, so the printing accuracy is relatively low.
  4. Compared with Ricoh G6, the color of the picture printed by Epson T3200 is lighter, so need more pass.
    One head with 4 colors needs 6 pass, and 1 head with 2 colors needs 8 pass.
    One head with 4 colors (1 printhead), 6pass printing speed is about 16 square meters/h, 1 head with 2 colors (2 printheads) print speed is about 24 square meters/h.
  5. Epson T3200 prints solid color and 100% C, M, Y, K is flawed, and there is some gap compared with G6 now.
  6. The Epson T3200 motherboard has some BUG current, but I think as the T3200 more and more popular, there will be a better matching motherboard.
  7. Epson T3200 has high requirements for UV ink, and it is not easy to match ink.

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