Sol ink for Starfire and Seiko Alpha

Mild solvent ink 5L

Sol ink suitable for which print heads?

  1. For Starfire 1024 10PL-25PL, etc.
  2. For Seiko 508 12PL, Alpha 1024 25PL, etc.

The sol ink is suitable for which printer brands?

  1. Gongzheng, Witcolor, Flora, etc.
  2. FY-Union, Phaeton, Galaxy, Challenger, Infinity, Ico-tec, etc.

The sol ink’s Outdoor life:

We have two options for customers:

  1. Outdoor durability 8-10 months,
  2. Outdoor durability 24 months.

The Starfire print head ink’s colors:

  1. Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow,
  2. light cyan, light magenta,
  3. Clean liquid.

The sol ink’s odor level:

Low odor

SUPERINKS sol ink has features:

  1. Fluent, extended print head lifetime;
  2. Always stable quality;
  3. One ink is compatible with different heads;
  4. Bright color;
  5. Wide gamut, excellent picture gradual change;
  6. Longer outdoor life;
  7. Less smell, more eco-friendly;
  8. Better raw material;
  9. Perfect match high-speed printing.

SUPERINKS sol ink applications:

Print on canvas for outdoor banners for roadside advertising, shop sign, shop promotion, etc.

SUPERINKS sol ink’s printing condition:

  1. Temperature: 20-30℃. If beyond the temperature range, please use a heater or air conditioning;
  2. Humidity: 40-60%;
  3. If you want to speed up the dry speed, please use the printer’s heater or external heater.

SUPERINKS sol ink’s package:

  1. 5L bottle;
  2. If need customized packaging, we can discuss it.

Storage instructions:

  1. Store temperature: 15-30℃;
  2. Expire time: 12 months ( if stored on 18-25 ℃, maybe more than this time);
  3. After the seal film is opened, please make sure to keep the bottle covered, to avoid dust and humidity to change the ink components.

Manual for the sol ink:

  1. Shake the ink well before putting it on the machine; It will be best if you can use it up within 1 week after opening;
  2. Before using our products for the first time, please empty the ink cartridges, ink circuits, and dampers. If possible, please clean the ink circuit system and replace it with a new damper;
  3. It’s very important to make an ICC profile to get brilliant colors, if need to make an ICC profile, contact us, we will help.

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SUPERINKS factory introduce video:

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