Solvent ink for Konica 512i Seiko 35PL

Mild solvent ink 5L

Solvent ink compatible with print heads:

  1. Konica 512i, 1024i 7PL / 30PL /13PL/ 512 / 1024 14PL / 35PL / 42PL, etc.
  2. Seiko 35/50PL, etc.
  3. Spectra Polaris 15/35PL, etc.
  4. Spectra nova, etc.
  5. Xaar 128 80PL and Xaar 382 35PL, etc.

This Solvent ink is compatible with printer brands as:

  1. Allwin, Grando, Eric, Keundo, GZ, Wit-color, JHF, Liyu,
  2. Flora, Handtop, Pheaton, Crystal, UD-printer, FY-union, Galaxy,
  3. EFI, Times, Xenon, Human, etc.

What is the outdoor durability of this Solvent ink?

We have two options for customers:

  1. Outdoor durability 8-10 months,
  2. Outdoor durability 24 months.
Mild Solvent inks
Sol ink is compatible with various types of printers.

Features of this Solvent ink:

  1. Environmentally friendly products, non-toxic and odorless;
  2. Saturated color, wide color gamut, high restoration;
  3. Environmentally friendly solvent, extend the life of the print head;
  4. Nanometer fineness, microcapsule wrapping technology, super smooth, extend the life of the print head;
  5. Good compatibility, suitable for various brands of printers; strong adaptability, suitable for both north and south in spring, summer, autumn, and winter;
  6. No ink flying, no ink bleeding, sharp picture;
  7. Super long shelf life can be 12 months in a bottle, and 24 months in a vacuum bag.

Instruction Manual:

  1. Use temperature 20-30℃, humidity: 40-60%;
  2. Shake the ink well before putting it on the machine; It will be best if you can use it up within 1 week after opening;
  3. Before using our products for the first time, please empty the ink cartridges, ink circuits, and dampers. If possible, please clean the ink circuit system and replace it with a new damper;
  4. It’s very important to make an ICC profile to get brilliant colors, if need to make an ICC profile, contact us, we will help.

Application for the solvent printer ink:

Self-adhesive vinyl, PP adhesive, PVC flex banner, Backlit PET Film, photo paper, one-way vision, canvas, etc.

Available package:

  1. 5L bottle,
  2. If need customized packaging, we can discuss it.

Transport and storage conditions for ink:

  1. Avoid direct light, storage temperature at 15-30℃; after opening the seal of the package, please avoid dust and other sundries going into the ink;
  2. The goods are identified as Non-dangerous goods in accordance with IMO, RID/ADR, IMDG, ICAO, IATA;
  3. MSDS available.

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