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Eco Solvent Ink for Sakata inx dealers
  • Cheap mimaki jv5, roland solvent, plotter solvent Factory, epson solvent price
  • Cheap mimaki jv5, roland solvent, plotter solvent Factory, epson solvent price

Eco Solvent Ink for Sakata inx dealers

Brand :Superinks

Product origin :China

Delivery time :3-7 working days if less than one container, 7-15 working days if more.For exact, please communicate.

Supply capacity :500 tons a month

Odorless, All colors high density, 30% more density than Chinese market ink. Colors bright, wide gamut.
Stable, each batch same. If any quality problem, 100% guarantee.

We always adhere to:
Keeping track of market trends, continuously strengthening our ability of research and development, enlarging the engineering team,boosting innovation and leading the evolution of the global printing market;

Treating quality as life, and services as root, focusing on the clients’ needs, creating values for clients and offering safe and pleasant user experiences and sound solutions.

Eco Solvent Ink for Sakata inx dealers, Cheap mimaki jv5, roland solvent, plotter solvent Factory, epson solvent price

Superior Eco Solvent Ink For Epson DX4 DX5 DX7 2-3 Years

Suitable print heads:

Epson TFP Japanese heads / DX6 / DX5 / DX7 / XP600 / TX800

Suitable for printer brands:

1. For Mimaki, Roland, Mutoh, Epson printers;

2. For Chinese printers with Epson DX6 / DX5 / DX7 / XP600 / TX800 heads.


Outdoor life: 

Superior series ( 2-3 years).


Black, Cyan, Real Magenta, Earth yellow

Odor level: 

Easy ( odorless)



Cheap mimaki jv5


1. Fluent, extend print head life time;

2. Always stable quality;

3. One ink compatible for different heads;

4. Bright color;

5. Wide gamut, excellent picture gradual change;

6. Longer outdoor life;

7. Less smell, more eco-friendly;

8. Better raw material;

9. Perfect match high speed printing.

 roland solvent


Print on canvas for outdoor banners for roadside advertising, shop sign, shop promotion etc.

on car stickers super flexible film;

on indoor advertisement;

on indoor decorate as wallpaper, curtains, floor mats, tablecloths, sofa surface and similar leather or artificial leather surface etc.


Printing condition:

Temperature: 18-30 C /64-86 F. If beyond the temeprature range, please use heater or air condition.

Humidity: 25-70%.



1L / 4L / 5L pack (customized package is available)


Storage instructions:

Store temperature: 18-30 C.

Expire time: 12 month ( if store on 18-25 C, may more than this time).

After the seal film is opened, please make sure keep bottle covered to avoid dusy and humidity to change the ink.

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What's the difference between hard uv ink, neutral uv ink and soft uv ink

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Author: Ms Kyna Zhou.

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An Overview of the Three Ink Characteristics is Provided by a 6-Star Map

Superinks Soft UV InkAdvantages: 

Best folding endurance, good adhesion, good freezing toughness.


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