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Solvent Ink For DGI
  • COBO,Solvent Ink For DGI Manufacturers, Solvent Ink For DGI Factory, Supply Solvent Ink For DGI
  • COBO,Solvent Ink For DGI Manufacturers, Solvent Ink For DGI Factory, Supply Solvent Ink For DGI
  • COBO,Solvent Ink For DGI Manufacturers, Solvent Ink For DGI Factory, Supply Solvent Ink For DGI

Solvent Ink For DGI

Brand :Superinks

Product origin :China

Delivery time :3-7 working days if less than one container, 7-15 working days if more.For exact, please communicate.

Supply capacity :500 tons a month

This Ink For DGI fluency printing, protect print head. All colors high density, 30% more density than Chinese market ink. Colors bright, wide gamut.
Stable, each batch same. If any quality problem, 100% guarantee.

Superinks has established a complete management system from initial consultation, solution design, on-site visit, ink preparation and shipment to after-sales feedback, to effectively ensure rapid and timely transmission of information so that the specialized services and technical supports can be provided by the correct persons at the correct time.

Solvent Ink For DGI

Ink for DGI suitable print heads:

1. Konica 512i 30PL, 1024i 6PL-13PL, Konica 512 or 1024-35PL/42PL/14PL

2. Seiko 35PL, 50PL

3. Xaar 126 or 128 or 382

Ink for DGI suitable for printer brands:

1. Allwin, Yaselan, Liyu, Human, Flyjet, Grando, Bossron, Taimes, JHF, EFI, Teckwin, GZ, Wit-color

2. Galaxy, FY-Union, Phaeton,  Challenger, Infinity, Ico-tec

3. Xuli, Skycolor, Xenons, Titanjet


This Solvent Ink outdoor life:  Stable series ( 6-8 month )

This Solvent Ink colors: Black, Cyan, Red, Yellow

This Solvent Ink odor level: Smart ( low odor)

Model: 2S

Ink for DGI features:

1. Fluent, extend print head life time;

2. Always stable quality;

3. One ink compatible for different heads;

4. Bright color;

5. Wide gamut, excellent picture gradual change;

6. Longer outdoor life;

7. Less smell, more eco-friendly;

8. Better raw material;

9. Perfect match high speed printing.

Since 2002, we have been devoted to the production and development of printing ink. In order to improve the experience of people who talk with colors through our technologies, since 2013 we started to promote our own brand and provide clients with direct services. Our ink products are bright-colored and smooth. The formulas extend the lifespan of print heads, minimalize the waste and save the resources. We managed to find an optimal balance point between our prices and protecting the environment. We intend to offer 

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What's the difference between hard uv ink, neutral uv ink and soft uv ink

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Author: Ms Kyna Zhou.

Writing time: 2019-2-20An 

An Overview of the Three Ink Characteristics is Provided by a 6-Star Map

Superinks Soft UV InkAdvantages: 

Best folding endurance, good adhesion, good freezing toughness.


Ink layer is too soft, and it is easy to leave scratch marks on the h...more

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