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Epson xp600 Printhead Price Skyrocketing and Started being Coded?

Epson xp600 Printhead Price Skyrocketing and Started being Coded?

Report date: 2019-7-31

Original author: Miss Mavis Qin

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Xp600 printhead review:

The original Epson xp600 printhead is used on the Epson desktop model printer Epson expression premium xp 600 , Chinese companies take head from it and modify and selling to market. It is the original printer:

The Epson xp600 printhead has 6 ink paths. The number of head for the CMYK ink paths is 180 for each color, and 360 heads for  LC ,LM ink paths. The entire xp600 printhead has a total of 1080 nozzles . It can print a minimum of 3.5PL drops. The number of head on the XP600 printhead is 360 fewer than DX5/DX7(1440 nozzles).

epson xp600 printhead

The Epson XP600 ink is relatively simple and the environment is better. In order to adapt the head to a relatively poor use environment and a variety of inks, the head manufacturer will perform certain modifications to the head before the head is sold, including changing the cover, sealing the rubber, adding a protective pad, and etc.

xp600 printhead xp600

Is epson xp600 printhead a good print head?
Will it be going classic as Epson DX5?

I don't think it will gets classic as Epson DX5. But it has reason to gets popular in short time. It will come fast, go fast.


Epson xp600 heads are taken from Epson desktop printer xp600, it is designed for water based dye ink office pritning, this head not corrosion resistance. So no mater eco solvent ink for uv ink, head life is short, from 2-3 momth or 6-7 month maximum. And lack of channel, colors is not true.


But, it is a good choice for a first printer on a start shop.

epson xp600 printhead

Price of Epson expression premium XP600:

The price of Epson XP600 printhead has skyrocketed recently (July-2019). We get information from a print heads dealer, un-coded xp600 price rise to USD 100 at last week, now USD150.

So how to distinguish whether the Epson XP600 head is coded or not?

Actually,the coded method of the XP600 printhead is the same as  the fifth generation head 186. The coded XP600 printhead is can not used on the machine. The coded xp600 heads need a decode card. The decoded xp600 heads may reduce half usage life time.

The XP600 printhead starts to be coded in January 2019, and the start number is 19, as the picture shown below:

xp600 printhead

Eco solvent ink for xp600 printhead:

Option 1: 0E3 model with 2-3 years durability

Eco solvent ink for xp600 printhead:

Option 2: 0N model with normal less than 1 year durability, good quality.

Video for 0N used xp600 printing:

xp 600 ink for uv printer:

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