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Kyocera UV ink principle and identification method

Kyocera UV ink principle and identification method

Kyocera UV ink is a kind of ink that does not use solvents, has fast drying speed, good gloss, bright colors, and is resistant to water, solvents and abrasion. So what is the principle of Kyocera UV inks? How to distinguish Kyocera UV inks? Let ’s take a look together.

  The principle of Kyocera UV ink

  Kyocera UV ink has the characteristic of selective absorption of UV light. Drying is affected by the total energy radiated by the UV light source and the light energy distribution at different wavelengths. Under the irradiation of UV light, the Kyocera UV ink photopolymerization initiator absorbs photons of a certain wavelength, excites them to an excited state, and forms free radicals or ions. Then through intermolecular energy transfer, the polymerized prepolymer and light-sensitive monomers and polymers become excited states, resulting in a charge transfer complex. These complex particles are continuously cross-linked and polymerized and cured into a film.

  Identification method of Kyocera UV inks

  1. Observe the color of Kyocera UV ink

  When purchasing Kyocera UV inks, observe the color of Kyocera UV inks. Kyocera UV inks are sensitive to ultraviolet light. If the Kyocera UV inks continue to be exposed to UV light after construction, Kyocera UV inks will continue to react and turn yellow. This is a defect of Kyocera UV inks. The main reason for the discoloration of Kyocera UV inks after coating is the problems with the inks. There are some pigments in the ink, such as light blue, which is a blue acid lake pigment. The organic dye triphenylmethane is attached to physical pigments such as aluminum hydroxide. It is a pigment that is insoluble in water and has low price and hue. It is bright, but its light resistance, solvent resistance and alkali resistance are poor. When it meets alcohol and other solvents or alkali, the red phase is easily dissolved, weakened or disappeared.

Kyocera UV ink

  The detection method is to drop a drop of primer and ink on the ink surface, and it is very obvious to see if the ink changes color after 1 hour. For printed paper, if the ink discolors, you can use forced ink drying, such as drying or leaving a little more time to solve, or use a neutral primer, solvent-free Kyocera UV ink, solvent-free books and periodicals Kyocera UV Inks and other methods to reduce ink discoloration tendency.

  2. Distinguish the taste of ink

  When buying inks, we also need to "defend the taste" to evaluate the odor of Kyocera UV inks. There are two indicators. One is the odor during construction. The main source is the residual solvent in Kyocera UV inks. Under normal circumstances, the residual solvent It is less than 2%. Another indicator for evaluating the odor of Kyocera UV inks is the residual odor of Kyocera UV inks after construction, which cannot disappear after being left for a long time.

  The above is an introduction to the principles and identification methods of Kyocera UV inks. I hope everyone will understand the principles and identification methods of Kyocera UV inks, which will be helpful to everyone.

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