FAQ-How to solve the uneven color of printed pictures with DTF pigment ink?

In DTF printing, for the problem of fast printing 4 heads, uneven color of printed pictures, like a “cloud”—especially magenta and cyan color.

1). Key problem is the mainboard control system makes ink droplets not jet in the right place.

Hosonsoft is currently the best motherboard for the Epson i3200 DTF printer, but it cannot avoid this problem, uneven color of printed pictures. So we need whole market technology to improve, we have to wait.

2). Now we have some methods to improve:

A). Use better DTF pigment ink, more fluent, higher density.
B). Use better film, thicker, better absorb. And the coating layer is more uniform, each ink drop absorbed well.
C). Lower the speed.
D). Use more “feather” settings, 40%, 80%, and 90%.

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