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Company news: Thank you, Superinks team, we care about your health.

Company news: Thank you, Superinks team, we care about your health.

Thank you, superinks team, we care about your health

Time: Feb 22, 2018, PM14:00

Address: Block 4 -505, Manjinghua Soho Yiluan, 230 Xixiang Avenue, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China

Participants: Superinks Staff and family members.

Activities: Medical examination for healthy, tea party.

 Company news: Thank you

Some body said that the company’s charming for employees is interesting and fun! But in my mind, in fact, that what people most want to get from work is to join a team of colleagues who can be trusted and admired, and everyone is focused on completing a great task. Superinks team is this team type.

  Superinks team

Thank you, Superinks technical team, we succeed to research a all in one new generation inks.

Thank you, Superinks workshop produce team, we succeed to produced 4000 tons of ink in the year 2018.

Thank you, Superinks sales team, we succeed achieve 9 countries, and give best service to our 60 countries customers.

Thank you, Superinks cleaning and security team, you make superinks work place safe and clean every day.


Thank you, Superinks team, thank you for the whole year hard work!
Be happy at 22, Dec. 2018.

Merry Christmas and happy new year to you!


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