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The reason that the print heads have break lines

The reason that the print heads have break lines

1. Physical damage caused by collision and paper jam, folding, etc. In this case, new print heads need to be replaced.
2. Because the machine is idle for a long time, the head‘s residual ink will dry up and the print head will be blocked. In this case, it is necessary to soak the head with cleaning solution, which requires professional maintenance personnel to operate.
3. Environmental factors. The working environment requires suitable temperature and humidity, the temperature is between 18-25 degrees, and the humidity is about 50%. If the temperature is too high or too low, or the humidity is too low, the heads will be short-circuited.
4. Continuous printing, large area and large background printing. After continuous printing, the machine should be properly rested for 10 minutes to continue printing, otherwise it is prone to have break lines.

5. Use inferior inks to reduce costs, many of the people use Inferior inks, the fluency of the ink, and the particles in the ink may cause the nozzle to be broken. The ink with stable technology and stable performance should be used.
6. Use replace cartridge with an unreasonable structure. The original ink cartridge has a complicated structure, and the purpose is to ensure continuous and stable output of the ink during use. The domestic substitute ink cartridge simplifies many structures and easily causes the head to be broken.
7. The ink stack and the head scraper are dirty, and the residual ink is dry. We should clean the ink pad, ink stack and scraper. Generally use clean warm water with a soft cloth. It is best to use a special cleaning cotton swab.
8. Dye paper or similar paper fibers are stuck to the nozzle to block the nozzle. We should choose a smooth surface of the medium. when the head is broken, the professional maintenance personnel should remove the nozzle and clean it.

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