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The reason of clog nozzle

The reason of clog nozzle


      As some color do not inkjet for a long time, or the temperature increase when nozzle is using, so that the stationary ink will be drying agglomeration in nozzle wall, and if do not clean in time the drying of relatively powerful, the nozzle may not be cleaned out, therefore, should cleaning immediately when found the clog nozzle.

     The ink can not clog nozzle.Ink reach the nozzle, will go through a filter whose diameter is of 10—26μ, its fineness smaller than the diameter of nozzle, so when the ink reaches the nozzle, have process super filter, will not clog caused by nozzle.

     Why would clog the nozzle? What are the main reason of clog?

1. An accumulation of ink in the nozzle to a certain extent will clog nozzle outside is the most common clog way. Because ink is a volatile liquid, it will easy to turn to solids under the air. Inkjet nozzle to the fabric, there will leave a part of ink around, and this part of ink dried in the air will slowly become smaller even clog nozzle, but as the outside nozzle hole, it is easy to clean. That’s the reason why we want to always clean nozzle.

2. Damage of the piezoelectric crystal definitely nozzle could not jet ink. The piezoelectric nozzle can be used generally about a year, it is a normal that a lot of work in printing plants may use less than a year.

3. Piezoelectric crystal fatigue damage: the phenomenon is sometimes nozzle jet ink, sometime no. Especially in the large jet, ” blocking” phenomenon evident, then the best approach is to replace a new nozzle.

4. Nozzle filter clogging caused no ink: when the nozzle used in a long time, especially in the printing task is not always full plant, the ink does not flow in the nozzle a long time, easily absorbed in the internal filter or ink channel walls, so that the flow of ink can also cause smaller cross-sectional area of no ink nozzle phenomenon, now a dedicated device can help you solve this nozzle problem.

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