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Manual of use Ricoh G5 head

Manual of use Ricoh G5 head

Manual of use Ricoh G5 head

1. When the head is introduced, the water based and pigment inks are used as materials to explain the items of negative pressure and filter accuracy (the maximum size of the head is 1 micron, the accuracy of the filter is 1-5 micron). While the head uses UV ink, what else information should be noted except above?
When a high-viscosity type ink such as uv ink is used, a relatively large pressure loss occurs in a filter or in the channel of the ink supply system, which may cause ink ejection failure. For this reason, it is recommended to install a heater in the ink supply channel, to reduce the ink viscosity and avoid pressure loss.

2. The main points or guiding requirements for mechanical installation during the installation and splicing of the head, such as the flatness of the head floor, the distance to the material, and the guiding requirements for the machining accuracy of the X and Y directions;The machining accuracy in the X and Y directions is determined by the positional relationship between the adjustment positioning post and the position of the nozzles. Position accuracy is ±0.008mm.The accuracy of the head mounting surface in the Z direction is 0.01 mm or less. Therefore, the flatness of the frame on which the head is mounted (the surface in contact with the head mounting surface) is recommended to be 0.01 mm or less.The positional accuracy of the head mounting surface (lower end surface) and the head surface in the Z direction is ±0.1 mm.

3. Guidance drawings for head ink supply lines, such as ink supply requirements, flow rate, pressure, special recommendations for certain inks, such as degassing of pipes, and maintenance of heads;
1) When driving the head, the pressure on the head face is recommended to be between -10 and -25 mm water column (mH2O).
2) When the water level difference is used to ensure the above negative pressure value, it is necessary to consider the ink amount and the fluid speed according to the head driving conditions.
3) The ink supply pressure is subject to the following values.Recommended value: 2.5 psi (17.3 kPa), maximum: 8 psi (55.2 kPa)
4) The following are recommendations for conventional inks
A. It is generally considered to add a degassing filter to the ink supply system.
B. Foaming which is mixed into the ink tank is often one of the causes of poor ink ejection, and can be discharged by ink pressing or the like.
C. There may be residual ink left around the head. It is recommended to remove it by regular scraping.
D. To prevent the ink in the head from drying out and to avoid sticking dust, it is recommended to install the head cover when not printing.

4. the engineering meaning of the use of two or four colors of each head, such as the data obtained now is 4 rows of 600 dpi full misalignment, using a single head using two-color, four-color specific use method (for example: whether to order with two-color The head should be double 300 dpi, every two colors are fully aligned)The print head does not have a two-color, column-aligned version. Usually the head is used in a monochrome 600 dpi condition. If you need to use multi-color, it is generally used with the printing mechanism of the scan mode, and is not suitable for the one-pass mode printing mechanism.

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