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  • Inkjet printers in the work of the problems mainly concentrated in the ink and nozzles
Inkjet printers in the work of the problems mainly concentrated in the ink and nozzles

Inkjet printers in the work of the problems mainly concentrated in the ink and nozzles


      The ink used in the inkjet printer is very large, and after a long period of time, the ink has an effect on the nozzle and the printed image. The wear and ink buildup of the nozzle for a long time also affects the quality of the printed image. Therefore, the correct selection of ink and the correct maintenance of the nozzle, each inkjet printer users can not be ignored in the use of the problem.

      So the user should first make the choice of ink. The quality of the ink can determine the quality of the printed image, but also determine the service life of the nozzle. Inkjet ink is manufactured with its complex, whether it is original ink, or compatible ink. As long as you can meet the quality requirements of continuous printing can be. Therefore, for more inkjet inkjet machine, we can choose “cheap” non-original high-quality ink.

      The second is to do the equipment and nozzle maintenance work. The nozzle is most likely to be jammed because the print time is too long, the ink is used improperly, or it is not used for a long time. Of course, the use of poor quality ink, can also cause the nozzle hole blockage and affect the print quality, serious even lead to the entire nozzle scrapped. Although the nozzle manufacturing process fine, but its structure is not complicated. And the printing medium in direct contact with the plane of dissatisfaction with a number of tiny holes, the nozzle and insert the cartridge connected to the nozzle, from the nozzle to the spray hole and around the nozzle often stay strong adhesion of the toner or impurities, These toner and impurities, the nozzle can be restored to normal print function.

      For a long time to stop using the inkjet machine (such as the National Day holiday), it is best to inkjet machine cleaning system with the entire cleaning system after washing to avoid the nozzle hole plug. Most of the seemingly scrapped nozzle, just the nozzle is blocked and can not work, just a simple rinse can restore its print function. For the normal print, but the lack of strokes or color, or high-resolution image blur such a slight congestion, the general use of inkjet machine comes with the nozzle cleaning procedures can be resolved. However, it should be noted that, once found that the lack of strokes or poor color and other minor nozzle clogging, should be used as soon as possible to clean the cleaning process. For the printing process, the machine often filling or cleaning the nozzle, but the printing effect is still poor or the nozzle is seriously blocked, the machine can not be filled with ink, or inkjet machine refused to work only manual cleaning method. Manual cleaning method is not complicated, but the need to disassemble the nozzle, the number of cleaning should not be too frequent. Manual cleaning method is the use of syringes and can be set in the needle on a rubber tube, cleaning fluid, about ten times the magnifying glass, hard plastic knife and other tools. Remove the nozzle, with a magnifying glass to carefully find the nozzle was blocked nozzle, and then use the syringe to the cleaning fluid into the injection hole, if necessary, can be used hard plastic knife scraping the edge of the hole. Be careful not to contaminate the electrode during use.

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