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How to use and maintain the print head when the cold wave hits

How to use and maintain the print head when the cold wave hits

      In the winter, there will be constant cold waves. In some areas, the temperature is close to or below 0 degrees. At this time, the ink viscosity will increase at very low temperatures, and the dry weather in winter will make the printer heads very easy to Broken line phenomenon.
      So how do we properly use and maintain the print head?
      First, it is necessary to keep the indoor temperature of the printer at not less than 20 degrees Celsius, and the air humidity is not less than 40%.
      Second, you need to ensure the storage environment of the ink to prevent the ink from deteriorating. Please follow the normal operation procedure to protect the print head and ink.
      Third, remember not to use the machine under low temperature environment, the print head is expensive like gold, and it is used and cherished!
      In addition, we can solve some problems by increasing the temperature of the ink. Some machine manufacturers give the user a heating device on the machine. Some machine manufacturers install heating devices near the bottom of the nozzle.
      Another method is to warm the ink cartridge by adding a temperature control device to the secondary ink cartridge or the ink supply tank (main ink cartridge) to increase the temperature of the ink. This method uses a large amount of electricity, because its safety is better, it is worth promoting. (General normal temperature is 25-30 degrees Celsius)

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